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Laksha Dweep Package 2018 - Athidi Tour & Travels Packages

Lakshadweep formerly known as the Laccadive, Minicoy, and Aminidivi Islands is a group of islands in the Laccadive Sea, 200 to 440 km (120 to 270 mi) off the south western coast of India. The archipelago is a Union Territory and is governed by the Union Government of India. They were also known as Laccadive Islands, although geographically this is only the name of the central subgroup of the group. Lakshadweep comes from Lakshadwipa, which means "one hundred thousand islands" in Sanskrit. The islands form the smallest Union Territory of India: their total surface area is just 32 km2 (12 sq mi). The lagoon area covers about 4,200 km2 (1,600 sq mi), the territorial waters area 20,000 km2 (7,700 sq mi) and the exclusive economic zone area 400,000 km2 (150,000 sq mi). The region forms a single Indian district with 10 subdivisions. Kavaratti serves as the capital of the Union Territory and the region comes under the jurisdiction of Kerala High Court. The islands are the northernmost of the Lakshadweep-Maldives-Chagos group of islands, which are the tops of a vast undersea mountain range, the Chagos-Laccadive Ridge.

Laksha Dweep Package (4 Nights/5 Days)

Day 01 : Cochin
Reporting time 10:00 A.M (Time may be change based on Schedule Selecting) at SPORTS, 2 nd Floor Lakshadweep Office, Willingdon Island Kochi for collecting your Tickets, Boarding card, Tags etc, if you are already collected directly report Lakshadweep Passenger Scanning Center, Willingdon Island Kochi. After security formalities take your bus and drop you in the wharf, board to M.V Kavaratti ship, Lunch and dinner will be served on board M.V Kavaratti. Ship departs Kochi after the completion of MMT Survey around 2’O clock PM.

Day 02 : Minicoy Island
Located between 8° 17° North Latitudes and 73° 04° East Longitudes, 398 km away from Kochi. Early morning Ship will reache Minicoy Island (Island may be change based on Schedule Selecting) Minicoy is, in a sense, isolated from the main group of islands and lies about 200 kms south of the northern group. It is 10.6 kms long and is the second largest island. Minicoy has one of the largest lagoons with a small uninhabited islet Viringili on its southern side. Minicoy is distinct from the northern group of islands in its culture, language dress etc. It has a cluster of 11 villages, which are called "Ava'h" each presided over by an elected village elder called Bodukaka. Traditionally all powers to manage village affairs are vested in him. Each village has a village house beautifully maintained and decorated.

Minicoy is renowned for its tradition dance - the Lava performed on festive occasions. Colorful race boats called "Jahadhoni" are a feast to the eye of any tourist. A large number of men from this island are employed as seamen in ships all over the world. Mahal is the spoken language. Minicoy is an important center for tuna fishing and a tuna-canning factory on the island processes the catch. A 300-foot tall lighthouse built in 1885 by the British is a majestic landmark. The beaches have bathing huts with change rooms and facilities for watersports are available. After breakfast proceed to Minicoy by Pablo boat, nonstopentertainment ashore in Minicoy island like swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, glass boating,sightseeing and diving.Three Tourist Cottages and a Twenty Bedded Tourist Home have been constructed for the staying tourists. (This island is recently opened up for International tourists and is a part of Swaying Palm packages.) 13:00 to 14:00 Lunch will be serving in the beach buffet. 14:30 to 15:00 Folk dance will be arrange 15:30 to 16:00 Evening tea will be serve 16:30 Departure time to ship and move to Next Island. 19:30 to 20:30 Dinner on board.

Day 03 : Kalpeni Island
Located between 10° 05° North Latitudes and 73° 39° East Longitudes, 287 km away from Kochi. Early morning Ship will reach Kalpeni Island (Island may be change based on Schedule Selecting) Kalpeni along with two small islets of Tilakkam and Pitti and the uninhabited island of Cheriyam in the north form a single atoll. A peculiar feature of Kalpeni is a huge storm bank of coral debris along its eastern and southeastern shorelines.

It is a socially progressive island and it was here that girls first went to school when women's education was considered taboo. One can swim, snorkel or reef-walk in the vast lagoon and indulge in water sports on kayaks, sailboats and pedal boats. Two bathing huts with change rooms are available at Koomel Beach. A nonstop entertainment ashore in Kalpeni Island. 13:00 to 14:00 Lunch will be serving in the Kumel beach buffet. 14:30 to 15:00 Folk dance will be arrange 15:30 to 16:00 Evening tea will be serve 16:30 Departure time to ship and move to Next Island. 19:30 to 20:30 Dinner on board.

Day 04 : Kavarathi Island
Located between 10° 33° North Latitudes and 72° 38° East Longitudes, 404 km away from Kochi. Early morning Ship reached Kavaratti Island (Island may be change based on Schedule Selecting) Kavaratti is the Headquarters of the Administration since 1964 and the most developed island. The beautiful and calm lagoon offers an ideal spot for water sports, swimming and snorkeling. Sunbathing or just lazing around on the beach can be a heady experience. Marine life enthusiasts can visit the marine aquarium, which has an excellent collection of aquatic specimens.

The multicolored underwater life in the lagoons can be viewed through glass-bottomed boats. Kayaks, wind surfers, water skiing and sailing boats are available.The Dolphin Dive Centre is attractions for those who love scuba dive.After breakfast around 8:30 AM proceed to Kavaratti by boat. A nonstop entertainmentashore in Kavaratti Island.13:00 to 14:00 Lunch will be serving in the beach buffet. 14:30 to 15:00 Folkdance will be arrange 15:30 to 16:00 Evening tea will be serve 16:30 Departure time to shipand move to Kochi.(Domestic Tourists can avail to KAVARATI stay in the tourist huts at the tourist complex. As a part of Taratashi Packages.) 19:30 to 20:30 Dinner on board.

Day 05
Morning 07:00 to 17:30 after Break Fast around 10 AM Ship will reaches Kochi , disembarkation to Kochi, take your bus waiting at the wharf drop you at the Passenger reporting center, and TOUR END WITH SWEET MOMORIES FOR EVER.

Inclusions :-
AP Plan (Break fast Lunch and Dinner at Ship).
M.V Kavaratti Trip in the Cruise with Diamond class of accommodation.

Special Notes :-
1)The Samudram programme is available for visiting 3 islands (Kavaratti/Kalpeni/Minicoy) on the large ship m.v.Kavaratti
2) Tour Programme / Schedule of ship is liable to change or cancel without prior notice, ships are operated by Lakshadweep Administration. In case of a change in the ship schedule liability of Agent/Sports isrestricted to transporting the tourists by immediate available conveyance of the ship only.
3) Tourists availing LTC may collect LTC certificate from Tour Manager on board at the time of return journey or from 'Sports' office. (Transport and tour change bifurcation/or not is given in the tariff chart. Tour operator charge /or/ Service charge (if any) may not be included in the LTC document).
4) The above ship packages are valid for Indian nationals only.(The Samudram/Coral Reef/Weekend Tour Package to Kalpeni are prepared for Indian Nationals. Foreign nationals can avail Agatti or Kadmat / Minicoy Beach Resort Packages. Selected Maldives Packages also available for tourists)
5) All the Water Sports activities are at their own risk and the organizers will not be responsible in any manner. View ' Safety Measures '
6) The participating ships are not in a luxury type category cruises; there is no onboard entertainments or shoppings.(For Luxury cruise information (If any), please visit at:www.cruiselinesindia.com ).
7)Carry your special brand of medicines, cosmetics, cigarettes etc. as only ordinary varieties will be available on the islands.
8)Please Note: If Lakshadweep Samudram Ship package get cancelled alternative Kerala Package can be arranged.
9)Avoid booking return journey on the day of arrival back at Kochi necause the Ships arrival timing may vary subject to weather, current/port clearance.